Groups by Day

Week in the monthMon AMMon PMTues AMTues PMWeds AMWeds PMThurs AMThurs PMFri AMFri PM
1stBoules 1History 3ArtCanastaBridgeCreative WritingIntl. Folk DancingBook Group 3
Bowls 1Poetry Apprecn (eve)ScrabbleSinging for PleasurePaintingSign LanguageMah Jong (eve)
German ConversWind RecordersTap DancingTable Tennis
2ndBoules 1Language StudiesArtArt Appreciation 1BridgeBoules 2Jazz ApprecnIntl. Folk DancingMah Jong (eve)
Bowls 1Wind RecordersBirdingCanastaHistory 5Film GroupTable Tennis
Bowls 2ScrabbleGeologyPaintingSign Language
German Conversn
MindfulnessTap Dancing
3rdBoules 1Wind RecordersArtCanastaBridgeBoules 2History 1Intl. Folk DancingBook Group 1
Bowls 1ScrabbleTap DancingPaintingFamily HistoryHistory 2Mah Jong (eve)
Bowls 2WildflowersSign LanguageTable Tennis
German Conversn
4thBoules 1Wind RecordersArtCanastaBridgeBoules 2Intl. Folk DancingMah Jong (eve)
Bowls 1ScrabbleScience & TechnologyPaintingCurrent Affairs 1GeographyTable Tennis
Bowls 2Tap DancingSign Language
German Conversn
Last*Boules 1Wind RecordersArtCanastaBridgeBoules 2Current Affairs 3Intl. Folk DancingMah Jong (eve)
Bowls 1ScrabbleTap DancingPaintingCurrent Affairs 2Table Tennis
Bowls 2Sign Language
German Conversn
Local History

Some Groups choose the LAST day, which may be either the 4th or 5th week in the month

Note that some groups meet at irregular times:-

  • Luncheon Club – usually Tuesdays – see Group Page
  • Shorter Walks – once or twice monthly, Saturday morning – check Group Page for leader
  • Walking – various by arrangement
  • Wine Tasting – Tuesday evening, bi-monthly