How to Join

Membership of the U3A is not related to a specific age but to a period in one’s life (the third age) after the second age of full-time employment and parental responsibility. Anyone in their third age can join the U3A, including people who are working part-time. There is no lower age limit for membership.

Membership costs just £10.00 per year, part of which is paid to the National U3A organisation as a Capitation Fee. First Year Membership is reduced to £5.00 for those joining between October and December. For this basic fee, you are welcome to join as many subject groups as you wish, provided that they are not already full.

For members who have joined another area’s U3A, the Annual Subscription due to MAU3A is reduced to £7.50 (Associate Membership). At present, Matlock Area U3A is not part of any cluster arrangement with other Groups.

Should you have any questions about MAU3A, please visit our “FAQ” page, should you have further questions, please contact the most approriate person using the details published on our “Contact Us” page.

In order to join Matlock Area U3A it is necessary to send a completed Application Form to the Membership Secretary. The form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Gift Aid

As a Registered Charity (Registration Number 1161704), Matlock Area U3A is entitled to claim Gift Aid on your subscription. This enables us to claim back any tax that members may have paid on their subscriptions both now and into the future. This means, for example, that on a subscription of £10.00 we can currently reclaim £2.50 from the Inland Revenue. This has no effect on the member’s subscription or on their tax; it simply allows some of the tax already paid to be transferred from the Inland Revenue to the Matlock Area U3A, thus substantially increasing our income.

Individual members may pay tax for a number of reasons, such as PAYE as an employee, income tax on earnings from self employment, savings or pension payments (both state and private), tax on investments or rentals, capital gains tax, etc. If you pay any form of tax then it would be much appreciated if you register your U3A membership subscription for Gift Aid.