Currently inactive – awaiting new co-ordinator. If interested, please contact the Groups Liaison Officer (groupsec@matlockareau3a.org.uk)

Welcome to the new Matlock U3A Mindfulness Group.

Why Mindfulness?
It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much. Mindfulness involves paying more attention to the present moment – to our own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around us – and can improve our mental wellbeing.

Our aim
• to support each other to develop or to maintain a regular Mindfulness practice.

What we plan to do
• We will be learning together through the use of self-help materials.

• For the first 8 weeks we will broadly follow the programme set out in Mark Williams & Danny Penman 2011 ‘Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world’?

• Each session will start with a short mindfulness movement and breathing practice, followed by a longer meditation then a chance to talk about how you found the practice and ending with a drink and social chat.

• Our chairs are comfortable and the room heated but you may like to bring a cushion and/or a blanket for extra comfort.

We are not therapists or trained Mindfulness teachers; we are people who want to share our Mindfulness learning journey.

Who can join?
• The group is for anyone who wants to explore mindfulness, whether you are new to the idea, have may be done a little in the past or have a regular habit of practicing mindfulness meditation you will be welcome to join us.
• If you are not already a member of Matlock U3A you may come along to try us out for up to three session, if you wish to continue, we expect you to join (£10 per year)

When will we meet?
Was meeting weekly
• Monday 10am – 11am
• Tansley Community Hall, Church Street Tansley, DE4 5FE (There is a shallow step into the building, level access from hall to toilet)
• £2 each meeting contribution to room hire / tea / coffee.
• If numbers grow we will organise a second group at a different day, time and venue.

For more information
Awaiting new Group Co-ordinator

Coronavirus update

For the duration of the current global crisis you can join Meditainment (https://www.meditainment.com) for free and get unlimited access to a library of 20 unique guided meditation journeys.

Be Mindful is an NHS approved mindfulness course. Wellmind Health, the company behind the Be Mindful course is now offering a free meditation resource. Their Meditainment library of guided meditations is described as “a unique, exciting and relaxing visualisation experience; it’s meditation that takes you places, where each guided meditation takes you on a journey to an amazing imagined destination, promoting reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep and mood-boosting”.