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Covid Status

As a result of Covid-19 some groups are currently inactive. However many are still functioning either by using email or by having Zoom meetings. Other groups are still operating more or less normally, and complying with the national guidelines by rationing the numbers attending each week. These include both walking groups, the table tennis and tap dancing groups. If interested in participating in any groups please contact the coordinator for the latest situation.

There are updates from the Painting, Walking, Wind Recorder, Film, Local History, History 1 and History 3 Groups

All of Derbyshire has now entered Tier 2 but you can check other places by postcode

Keeping in touch 


Winter Learning Programme (added 26/10/2020)
Aug/Sept Newsletter added 11/09/20

Welcome to our new Happy Snapper feature.

This photo was taken on Stanton Moor, but do you recognise any of these local places? . Click on the link for more information