Starting a New Group

We welcome anyone wishing to establish a new interest group! You should first approach the Management Committee of the Matlock Area U3A by emailing the Groups Liaison Officer with an outline of the broad aims of the group, anticipated membership, meeting frequency, etc… In choosing a meeting date and time, it may be helpful to consult the timetable of existing Group meetings. Once the establishment of a provisional group is agreed, it will be publicised on the web-site and through the What’s On newsletter, with details of its proposed aims, provisional co-ordinator, and the time and place of any initial meeting. Time will also be made available at a Coffee Morning to help generate interest and attract members. Full support will be given by the Groups Liaison Officer in the early planning and developmental stages.

Note that the National U3A (the Third Age Trust) has specialist subject advisors (usually members of local groups rather than paid employees) who will know your subject and be happy to advise about how to run a successful group in your chosen subject. Also remember that any such group will span a wide variety of experience and knowledge of the subject – it is for enjoyment, not a professional talking shop!

Groups are generally expected to be self funding, so should plan to cover the cost of room hire (if applicable) by their meeting charges. However Groups may apply to the Management Committee, once they have demonstrated their viability, for a grant towards any necessary special equipment. MAU3A already possesses a full range of audio visual and computer equipment that may be borrowed for meetings.