Table Tennis

This group was successfully launched in spring 2015 and has been joined by a number of members that play regularly. However, with four tables available, it has capacity for more players who would be made very welcome!

The group meet each Friday, at The Whitworth Institute, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.

Members playing at the Whitworth Institute. Images courtesy of John Lamb

While you will need to bring your own bat, balls are provided. The cost is £3.00 per person to cover the hire of the tables and Room Hire. Refreshments are available from the Cafe.

The group coordinators are Tony and Janice Wells who can be contacted by email, or by telephone on 01629 259754

How To Stay Young was a 2016 light-hearted two-part BBC documentary presented by Angela Rippon and Dr. Chris Tulleken.

The programmes were about how to stay physically and mentally fit and defy the ageing process.

One of the features examined the beneficial effects of Table Tennis versus Walking to improve brain function.Two groups of people followed each activiy for ten weeks and various ‘before and after’ tests were undertaken. Both groups showed sigificant improvement.Walking proved better at boosting cognition possibly due to the aerobic effect of the exercise. However, Table Tennis was far superior at developing the size of the cortex and improving emotional health. This was possibly due to the need for hand/eye coordination, being a ‘new’ skill and offering more social interaction.

The best answer could be to walk to Table Tennis but a good compromise may be to drive there and enjoy a cuppa with friends after the session. Another advantage to Table Tennis is, we play in a dry, heated room.

To find out more about ‘How to Stay Young’ on the BBC web site, click here.