Science & Technology

Welcome to the Science & Technology Group. Its aim is to cater for those with a general interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (past, present and future!). We hope our talks and visits will be interesting and accessible to everyone and not just those with a technical training. New members and visitors from other u3a groups are welcome at our meetings.

Our trip to Jodrell Bank
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Taylor

Meetings are usually held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 2.00pm in the Studio Room at St Elphin’s and should generally last about two hours. Those attending will be asked to make a contribution toward the cost of the meeting room, tea and coffee. Meetings will normally include a presentation by a member of the group plus some related DVD or other audio-visual material.

2024 Programme

2024 marks a new approach to some of our meetings.  We will be showing on-screen lectures from the London Gresham College lecture series starting on Wednesday 24th January at 2 pm in the Studio at St Elphin’s with:

“The Statistical Life of Florence Nightingale” by Professor Sarah Hart
Florence Nightingale is the founder of modern nursing but also a pioneer of data science and
medical statistics. This lecture looks at the importance and legacy of Nightingale’s work, which led to her becoming, in 1858, the first woman elected to the Royal Statistical Society.

And then on Wednesday 28 th February:
“Living with the Forever Chemicals” by Dr Ian Mudway
The forever chemicals, or PFAS (Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) represent a large family of
highly persistent synthetic chemicals widely used in everything from carpets to non-stick cookware,
to firefighting foams and furniture textiles.

New members and guests from other U3A groups are very welcome – please contact Mary Mellor or
Mike Steel at