National U3A Discussion Forums

In order to help U3A members stay connected during the Coronavirus pandemic and to share ideas and support, the National U3A has launched three national online discussion forums on 6th April 2020. It has extended the existing Beacon User Forum to all U3As.

It is easy to get started. All you need to do is visit the forum website at, click the ‘register’ button and fill in your details. From there you will be able to explore the forums and get involved in the discussion.

There will be three forums that you can join:
Learning – discussions around subjects and all forms of interest and learning
Our U3A Community – discussions arounds how we support each other
Beacon – discussions around using Beacon, the U3A management system
This is just an outline of what the forums are about because it will be led and developed by you when you join and the conversations that are happening.

A volunteer team will moderate the site and support you to use the forums in a safe, positive and productive way.

National U3A also has a very good “how to guide” on using tools like WhatsApp, Zoom and other packages to stay in touch. It also offers online tutorials on similar topics