Mah Jong

If you are free on Friday evenings from 6pm to 9pm, you may wish to join the Matlock U3A Mah Jong group.

If you look up Mah Jong on most computer search engines, you will find plenty of entries, but most of these relate to Mah Jong Solitaire. This is a game played on a phone, computer or tablet, but is, as the name suggests, played on one’s own.

Our group provides the opportunity to play the original Mah Jong in the company of others, in a relaxed and not too competitive atmosphere. Our group currently comprises about 10, comprising very experienced players through to beginners.

The game comes originally from China and has evolved in Japan, USA and the UK, with differing national characteristics. The group in Matlock has been going for several years. The basic UK rules can be quickly learnt and any local variations are not at all onerous.

The group currently meets at The Family Tree on the A6 at Whatstandwell. In 2022 the group met 48 times and it us usually only poor driving conditions which prevent attendance.

The group co-ordinator is Colin Davis, who can be contacted by telephone on 07765 460784