Local History

The Local History Group normally meets on the last Monday of every month at 10am in the upstairs room at Tansley Village Hall, with a small charge to cover the hire of the room and refreshments. For the months were there is a Bank Holiday, we change, usually to the week before.

Our aim is to educate members about the history of our diverse county both of the people and the places. We realise that some members will have loads of spare time to do their own research, and some members will have little spare time, but we would like to encourage all members to participate in educating the other group members. So it is hoped that members of the group will conduct their own research into a chosen area of interest, maybe just working alone, or in pairs or even small groups, then give a talk to the rest of the group on their findings. This could even culminate in a visit to some historic site.

During the summer months we try to arrange something outdoors, if it is one of the many tourist attractions around here, there will be an entry fee. Sometimes it is a free trip where one of the members leads the group on maybe a tour around a village or site of historical interest.

The group coordinator is Susan Tomlinson, who can be contacted by e-mail, or by telephone on 01629 583763.

DATES FOR 2020 –

27th January – Hydros; all to contribute
24th February – Lead Mining; all to contribute
23rd March – Local Shops
27th April

18th May – could change
29th June
27th July
24th August – could change
28th September
26th October
30th November
14th December – could change