History 2

Members of History Group 2 share a general interest in history with no particular focus. We find that meeting monthly encourages us to read around topics new to us and to listen to subjects we know nothing about – all about broadening the mind.

We have been in the 18th century for several years now – worldwide history. However, we are not strict about this and listen with interest to whatever members bring us as a look at our programme will show. We take it in turn to research a topic and lead a session about it. This might be a presentation or giving us something to read that we then discuss. It is entirely up to you.

Meetings take place on the third Thursday of the month at 10 till 12 in members’ homes. No-one is required to host a meeting, it works flexibly. For almost two years we met mainly via Zoom and used more and shorter topics. We have been meeting in person again since the end of 2021. We have one topic and fill up our time with general chat and refreshments. Before Covid we used to organise excursions and may do again.

The co-ordinator is Helen Boocock (e-mail), or telephone 01629 734290, but the group is currently full.

January 20thElizabeth Fry
February 17thAspects of Native American Culture
March 17thCharlotte of Micklenburg-Sterelitz
Queen of Great Britain and Ireland then the United Kingdom and wife of George III
April 21st18th Century Popes
May 19thWilliam Wilberforce
June 16thLunacy and the use of Asylums in the 18th century
July 21stGeneral discussion - No topic
August 18thThe Pilgrim Fathers
September 15thMary Wollstonecraft
October 20thThe Romanovs – Part I
November 17thGeorge III and his illness.
December 15thThe History of the Perfume Industry (with smellavision) with special emphasis on Georgian and early Victorian times.