History 3

Simon Redmore and John Entwistle pictured at the Pentrich Revolution commemorative plaque.
Image courtesy of Jane Entwistle

The group began life in 2015 and is currently full – although we do operate a waiting list.

We meet in members’ homes on the first Monday of each month from 2.00pm to 4.00pm and there is a charge of £0.50 per meeting for refeshments.

Each member makes a presentation of about an hour once a year on any nineteenth century topic of their choosing. This is followed by a discussion over refreshments. In addition we have a festive meal, summer barbecue and field trip with partners each year.

The 2019 / 2020 programme of studies is

OctoberThe Tolpuddle Martyrs
NovemberAlfred Lord Tennyson
DecemberThe Nottingham Silk Industry
January 2020William and Anne Parr. The story of an ordinary family.
FebruaryThe development of electric communication systems
MarchThe American Civil War
SocialsField trip, Summer Barbecue, Christmas meal.

History Group 3 coordinator is John Entwistle, who caan be contacted by e-mail or by telephone on 07890 068565.