Six of a Sort

Getting bored with lockdown? Why not try our “Six of a Sort” photo challenge? The subject can be anything you like but all six pictures must relate to that subject. You don’t need to be an ace photographer as the pictures cannot be blown up any larger and a camera phone is perfectly adequate. If you are confined to the house, you can still take part – just look back through your old pictures and pick some of those. If nothing else, you may enjoy the memories of calmer, happier times!

What you need to send us

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Please attach your six photos
  • In the e-mail please give a title (or none if you prefer)
  • Tell us if you have a preference for placing of each picture (e.g. UL, UC, UR, LC, LC, LR for upper and lower, left, centre, right)
  • Tell us if you do not want your name displayed alongside
  • You are welcome to send as many sets as you like
  • We will then add them to the slide show

Six of a Sort….

To start our slide show

Please click on the “Full Screen” flag (bottom of black panel above), to expand to a new window and then click on “Start Slide Show” at top right of new screen