Lockdown News from the Groups

Art Group

The Tuesday Art Group is using Whatsapp to share their work with each other. Below are some examples of their work.

Birding Group

The birding group has continued to be active but separately. We all birded in our usual meeting day in April and all bird details were sent to me. I compiled a composite list of an impressive 58 species, significantly more than we find as a group. We have also had a quiz, shared photos and other items of interest. 

Book Group 3

Book Group 3 is having online meetings using Zoom to discuss their book choices

Film Club

Film Group have started fortnightly Zoom meetings – on what we have seen on TV really – anything memorable including theatre.

Gardening Group

Now possessing perfect gardens, members of the Gardening Group can now test their brains on Liz’s quiz (opens in a new tab)

History 3

Our meetings have moved onto to Zoom and we have increased the frequency of our discussions from monthly to fortnightly. We remain focussed on the nineteenth century and so far have been examining the lives of authors.  These include such famous names as Charles Dickens, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Elizabeth Gaskell and Jane Austin.Shortly we will be switching our attention on to inventions of the period which allows enormous scope ranging from the bicycle to the internal combustion engine and tin cans to steam locomotives.The move to virtual meetings has enabled us to move from single presentations of about an hour each to a varied series of short illustrated talks. We are all enjoying the new format and the opportunities it has provided..

Local History

A tough quiz has been posed by Susan Tomlinson for members of Local History

Science & Technology

The Science & Technology group are trying to keep the Group active by employing some technology to hold a virtual meeting using the free version of Zoom, the video conferencing app. We are holding a virtual meeting on 5th May with, so far, 12 participants. Through screen sharing I will be giving a shortened version of a talk called “The Quest for Precision” exploring Sir Joseph Whitworth’s works in improving manufacturing tolerances from 1/16th of an inch to 1000th of an inch. His promotion of standard measures and interchangeability brought about an engineering revolution. This was our planned talk for April.

Tap Dancing

The Tap dancing group have kept on tapping. I send them a video each week of sections of the latest dance we were learning and they practice in self isolation. We’ll see when we finally return who has been doing their homework conscientiously!!!! When we get to the end of this dance we will revise others in our repertoire so we do not get too rusty!! 

Wildflower Group

The Matlock U3A Wild Flower group exists to organise monthly excursions where we all get together and go on walks to view flowers growing in a number of habitats at a variety of times. Needless to say, the lock-down has put a stop to that for this year. However, each of us is taking exercise and some us when we do so, take a camera or ‘phone. We have set up an online gallery where we can display some of the shots we have taken and thus have a virtual wild flower walk. Obviously, it lacks the social dimension of our walks but it does have the advantage of showing a pretty good cross-section of the plant-life in the Matlock area.