Language Studies

The group’s members pursue a general interest in language and the way in which we use it. We do this

through short presentations and discussions.

The group currently meets on the second Tuesday afternoon of each month, 2:30-4:30, at members houses.

Topics are suggested by members.

Topics studied thus far include:

  • Issues of translation from Russian to English, explained to us by one member who has translated the memoirs of a very interesting Russian lady born in 1895
  • Words which have been invented in times of national crisis – World Wars, Brexit, climate change and the current pandemic

Possible topics for future meetings include:-

  • British Sign Language
  • More on neologisms! Specifically, “portmanteaus”
  • Dialects of English
  • English spelling!
  • Writing systems; how they have developed; how disused systems are deciphered
  •  Bilingualism
  •  Historical developments of languages
  •  Children’s acquisition of language
  •  Second language learning    
  •  Creoles

If you would like to join our group, please contact one of the coordinators:

Karen Hale: (e-mail)

Rick Osborn: (e-mail)