Happy Snapper


Ethel Haythornthwaite founded the CPRE country side charity and led the way for the Peak District becoming Britain’s first National Park in 1951

The “Ethels” are 95 Peak District hilltops over 400m above sea level and significant lower prominent hills in Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Walkers are able to tick off hilltops that they reach or ‘bag’ on an App called Ethel Ready.

Here are some of hilltops already bagged by the Happy Snapper.

Corbar Hill, overlooking Buxton 437m

Dragon at Revidge, Warslow 400m

Durham Edge (Abney Moor) south of Bradwell 416m

Hen Cloud, north of Leek 410m

Lees Moor, overlooking Haddon Hall 304m

Loose Hill, from Bradwell Moor 471m

Miner Sculpture at Buxton Country Park on the path towards Grin Low 430m

Rushup Edge from Eldon Hill, Castleton 470m

Thorpe Cloud, Dovedale 287m

Stanton Moor 323m

White Moss Path, Stanedge 457m

Wolfscote Hill, near Biggin 388m