haiku Challenge

haiku  is a traditional  Japanese style of non-rhyming poem that has become popular in many languages. It usually appears as three lines – one of five syllables, one of seven and one of five – and the subject is often the natural world. 

Each of the following haikus describes a British bird – all of them common in Derbyshire, often in gardens. Can you work out what they are?

 Many thanks to Matlock Area u3a member Will Martin who has written the haikus

Flash of golden wings

spiralling the sunflower seeds.
Cat! Flurry and gone.


Streamlined shape swoops in,
grey suit, orange shirt, bandit mask,
and feeds upside down.


They drift the sky as
spread wings sense the rising air.
Shrill calls echo far.


Fighter’s bob and flick,
puffing-out of scarlet breast,
dive-bombs his rival.


Flitting through the tree,
tails like high-wire walkers’ poles,
chatting all the while.

Long -tailed tit

Blackjack – take the risk!
Dithers along the fence-top,
dives for food, then off