Fitness activities still open to us

Please send us your new ideas and information

If you are able to go out (subject to social distancing advice)

Walking in the country is now restricted to once a day, alone or with a member of your family living in same house. The National Trust had made all of their car parks, gardens and open spaces free entry. However this has now been withdrawn on many sites because of numbers attending. Check on their website for latest status)

Chatsworth is now completely closed (including house, gardens, restaurant, car parks and gift shops

Derbyshire Wildlife Reserves are still open to the public although hides are shut events and activities are cancelled.

Why not try your hand at photography? Any digital camera or suitable smartphone is good enough. We will be happy to post your pictures in galleries on the website. You can e-mail them to the webteam. Please state whether you wish your name to appear with them.

If you are not able to go outside

Sport England have provided exercises that you can do at home to stay fit.

Exercises for older people on YouTube. These have been recommended by members. If you are not used to YouTube, click on the link, then click on Skip Ads, and on the broken square (bottom right). This will give you the video as full screen. Click the forward arrow to start. To revert to normal screen click on the cross in the same position.

Joe Wicks 10 minute home workout for seniors and 10 minute seated home workout for seniors

A series of low intensity exercises for older people. Takes 20 minutes and some can even be done seated.

Coping with the Stress

Stephen Fry’s tips for managing virus-based anxiety