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Not currently active.  However, the former coordinator is happy to help a new person restart the group.   This can of course be in a different format / venue / day.

Obviously the information below is now out of date due to Coronavirus, but I have left it here to show you how the Group works normally.  At present, current members are using Zoom to talk about films, documentaries and dramas shown on TV as live cinema is not a viable option at this time.  We hope to resume our usual meetings in the Duke of Wellington pub as soon as we are able to do so, and would welcome new members.

Updated October 2020

Welcome to the Film Group!
This friendly and informal group is for everyone who enjoys going to the cinema and who wants to discuss films with other enthusiasts. It works like a book group; we decide together which of the current films appeal to us and are available at our local cinemas and then meet the following month to talk about them. This could be up to four films but no-one usually sees them all; in fact some members come along who haven’t had the chance to see any films that month but just want to hear other people’s views.

We meet in the Duke of Wellington pub, 115 Wellington Street, Matlock, DE4 3GX on the second Wednesday in the month between 2 -4 pm. The pub has a large car park. There is no cost involved but we are expected to buy a drink – alcohol or tea or coffee.

We have several LOCAL CINEMAS to choose from:


If you want to check out new releases, look at “The Film Review”, every Friday at 5.45 pm on the BBC News Channel or catchup on iPlayer.

NB this site may not be up to date.
If, on the other hand, you fancy seeing a film in your local community in an informal setting, why not join a village film group. There might be an introduction from the group’s chairman and a chance to buy a drink and a cake! Many Derbyshire villages have such groups, including:
Tansley, Darley Dale (contact Ed Runham on 01629 732898 or Sue Connelly on 01629 732568 for details and programme)
Cromford, Holloway, Bakewell and Ashford, Calver
Look out for information in places such as our free newspaper the ‘Peak Advertiser’, which is delivered to our homes.

The ‘Summer Nights’ outdoor film screenings show popular films in spectacular venues in our region, such as Hardwick Hall, Kedleston Hall, Wollaton Hall, Calke Abbey …..

For further details about the Film Group, please contact:
Sarah Puxley
e-mail / tel: 01629 593934