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Take an Armchair Flight

Take an Armchair Flight Down the Derwent Valley from Curbar Bridge to Strutt’s Mill in Belper

Quiz 1

Question 1

MAU3A Walking Group decided that it is time to get away from the current gloom and bad weather and organise an exotic trip.  They arrange to meet their guide at the starting point of the walk.  The guide leads them two miles due south.  However here they see a bear in the distance.  The guide decides that it would not be prudent to advance any closer towards the bear and so they turn due east and walk for a further two miles.  However, the weather turns bad and so they then turn and walk two miles due north back to the start point.  I’m pleased to report that all have now returned safely

Question: What colour was the bear?

Question 2

MAU3A Over 80s Nudist Leapfrog Group (remember them??) has been growing for several years but it has yet to organise a successful leapfrog event.   This is because of the peculiar rules under which they operate.  Each member is asked to go to the designated meeting place at 12 pm (midday) on their birthday.  However, until now no two members have had the same birthday and so none of the members have ever met each other and no leapfrog has ever taken place.  In 2020 membership of the Group has grown to 23.

Question: What are the chances that this year there will be a successful leapfrog event?

Is it (a) about 100/1,  (b) about 16/1,  or (c) better than evens?

Question 3

MAU3A Geography Group arranged to meet at the highest point within 3 miles of Matlock Bridge

Question:  Where did they meet?

Question 4

An easy one for our History Groups.  Some places in this area have been associated with some famous names such as :

Smedley (who built Smedley’s Hydro)

Whitworth (who lived at Stancliffe Hall)

Darwin (who lived at Sydnope Hall)

Nightingale (who lived at Lea Hurst)

Arkwright (who lived in Willersley Castle)

Question: Can you identify the people and arrange them in order of date of birth?

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Quiz 2

We are very grateful to MAU3A’s own Quiz Queen, Susan Tomlinson, for allowing us to use this quiz of 120 questions. The subject of this quiz is “Kitchen Utensils & Requisites”. Even if you don’t know your trivet from your trivia, give it a try – in the present climate, with the prospect of many of us being confined to barracks, we all need things to occupy & amuse us.