Suggestions Page


If you have any hints and tips for how to cope with day-to-day problems during the crisis, please send them in.

BBC suggestions for how to socialise while self-isolating.


Equally if there is a book, TV or radio programme, podcast, etc. that you would recommend to others, please share it here. It would be helpful if you would give your name (unless you prefer to remain anonymous) and why you like it. Contact details would not be included.

Other ideas are given in the Books & Media page, including e-books available from your library.

Films for Free

You don’t need to sign up for Netflix and the like to enjoy films for free…

12 sites where you can enjoy films for free

Free Entertainment Online

Huge variety to choose from, put together just for the Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of entertainers are now offering gigs online free as they cannot perform in front of an audience.

Free online Cirque du Soleil performance (lasts about an hour)

Please send in any that you recommend.

Classical Music Being Streamed Live

Alternative format for forthcoming concerts

Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles

I had never heard of them before either!! You can select both the picture and the number of pieces

Free Online University Courses

If you want to do something more serious with your free time, Class Central offers a list of the top free online university courses. The variety on offer is enormous and not all are heavy! Many individual universities and other bodies also offer free course online.

Free Family History Websites

Trevor Boam has suggested that this enforced incarceration might be a good opportunity to start researching the family history that you’ve intended to do for years… Look on the Family History page for the free online sites

Just search for “free online” and see what you find!! Please let us know of any treasures.