Creative Writing

  • Interested in creative writing? 
  • Would you enjoy meeting with like-minded people once a month, in a positive and friendly atmosphere, to share your work and develop your skills? 

The Creative Writing group is a broad church, so whether your main interest is in fiction, poetry, memoir, writing for children, or some other form of writing, or you just like the idea of trying out different forms and genres, it will probably fit our definition of ‘creative’! 

Because one of the main ways the group works is by writing to a topic or a theme, each person can develop their contribution around it in whatever form they choose, be it a story, a poem, a piece of dialogue (playscript form), a brief memoir, etc. Much of the fun in the group is enjoying this variety, as we listen to each other’s contribution and share our reactions. 

The group weathered the pandemic storm quite well and kept writing and sharing every month, but as with all groups there’s an ebb and flow in membership, and at the moment we would welcome new members to bring us up to a more viable number. 


At present the group is also searching for a new coordinator, or a joint coordinator to work with Susan Tomlinson, whose admin skills have been holding the fort very well indeed over the past few months. (Malcolm has had to step back from the co-ordinator’s role for health reasons.)

If you are interested, please contact Susan and have a chat about how she envisages this (sharing) would work. 

Over the period of the pandemic (for about fourteen months) we managed to organise our ‘meetings’ via email, but the normal (pre-pandemic) meetings were held in members’ houses, and this November’s meeting was the first to resume the old pattern. Hopefully this can continue but adaptability is probably the key to negotiating the months ahead – as with many groups – and Zoom or email is always there as a fallback. 

(If you are interested in joining the group, or in helping to co-ordinate, please contact Susan Tomlinson at:

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month between 2:00pm and 4:00pm and meetings are held in members’ homes.