Confined to Barracks

If you have symptoms of the Coronavirus, you will obviously be confined to the house. However there may be other reasons why you are choosing to self-isolate, such as existing medical conditions, poor mobility, etc.

If you have family, friends or neighbours locally who can help out with getting shopping, prescriptions, posting letters, walking dogs, etc. that’s fine, but not everyone does. A Facebook group called Matlock Covid-19 Mutual Aid has been set up. This is a set of volunteers who have offered to carry out such tasks for older people (and others) who need it.

Matlock Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group Description

This group is to enable people living in the Matlock area to ask for help or support if they need it because they are sick or in isolation during the current public health crisis. Where people who are well and willing to, can offer help. As such the community can come together so we can all help each other. In doing so we should follow the authorities requests in terms of isolation and contact with the most vulnerable (see

Our aim should always be to help others where possible but not to endanger anyone. It is recommended you avoid sharing personal information such as address or phone number in posts as these are public (eg message people directly to follow up help needed or offered).

Please state clearly what you need – start post with NEEDED

  • Please state clearly what you can offer – OFFER Things like:
  • Help with shopping
  • Cooking / food delivery
  • Support to Food Banks
  • Dog Walking
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • A friendly phone call

You do not need to be on Facebook to use this service. Liz Walker has kindly agreed to be a link person for any MAU3A member that needs the service.

PLEASE BEWARE: There have been reports on East Midlands Today of scams involving people posing as Good Samaritans and offering to do shopping, taking money and not being seen again. Please do not take up offers from cold callers. If you need help, please stick to authenticated schemes like the one above.

Help with Shopping

The supermarket home delivery services appear to have a very long lead time at present. If you need delivery but cannot get it, at least one independent shop is offering home delivery. John Palin, the Tansley based fruit and veg wholesaler, are doing veg boxes, with free delivery for those self isolating or over 70, £5 otherwise. within a 5 mile radius of Tansley. On offer are fruit and veg., milk, bread and large bags of pasta. Jackson’s, the greengrocer on Matlock Market, is also doing deliveries. You can choose what you want rather than having than the fixed larger orders from Palin’s. Minimum spend is £10. Their telephone number is 07773 864734.