Dave Puxley, Chair of Matlock Area U3A, welcomes you to our website...

Welcome to the Matlock Area U3A (MAU3A) Website and I hope that you will enjoy (or have enjoyed) meandering around its many pages.

Matlock Area U3A was formed in November 2007 and had its Inaugural General Meeting in January 2008. Currently we have more than 600 members, who may attend one or more of over 50 "interest groups" of varying disciplines ranging from Art Appreciation to Walking. Each interest group is led by a dedicated Coordinator.

Details of all our exisiting groups can be found by clicking here, or by use of the drop-down menu at the top of each page. It is expected that more groups will be set up in the future, and the procedure for establishing a new group can be found by clicking here.


Members of the Walking Group


If you are not yet a member, details of how you can join us can be found by clicking here.


Also, MAU3A holds a number of general social events ranging from invited guest speakers to social outings and evenings. Attendance at Interest Group Meetings and General Social Events should enable each member to advance their education, enhance their well-being and provide the opportunity for meeting and making new friends. Details of forthcoming events can be found by clicking here.

Members enjoying a short-break to Marrakesh


It is important to maintain communications throughout Matlock Area U3A, particularly between the Management Committee and members. The Management Committee has set up a "Social Committee" to identify and address areas of the MU3A that would benefit from improved communication.

If anyone wishes to contact me on any matters concerning the MAU3A, you can either call me on 01629 593934 or email me by clicking here.

I hope that you enjoy being a member of the MAU3A.

Dave Puxley (Chair of MAU3A)

Members of the Painting Group


In the financial year 2014-15 our income exceeded £5000 and, under English law, we were therefore obliged to apply to become a charity in our own right. This was duly granted by the Charity Commission in May, 2015.

The benefit of having charitable status is mainly that charities are widely recognised as existing for social good. In our case, it also means that we can claim Gift Aid in our own right. Up to now it has been granted as a concession by HMRC, because we are affiliated to The Third Age Trust.

Finally, the Charity Commission requires each Trustee to fully understand their role and responsibilities, and to sign a document confirming this. We are also obliged to keep updated the details of Matlock Area U3A held by the Charity Commission and to provide them with our Annual Report each year.


We take your privacy and the safety of your personal information very seriously and in May 2018 revised our policies to conform to new goverment regulations. To view our Data Protection Policy - please click here or to view our Privacy Policy - please click here.

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