As Trustee of the Matlock Area U3A Charity, your Management Committee is committed to exercise its duty of care by trying to ensure that the activities of the various Groups and of individual members are conducted in a safe and responsible manner, with all risks identified as far as is possible and subsequently minimised by your compliance with this Safety Policy.

Accordingly, it needs to try to ensure that all Members are aware of their responsibility to exercise caution and to try to safeguard the Health and Safety of themselves and their fellow Members at all times. This requires recognition of the need for, and the adoption of, a watchful safety conscious policy when participating in any Branch or Group activity, seeking to avoid any hazard which may be seen to be present or which may arise. Members therefore need to adopt the policy in a positive way and to respond to any request from a Group Co-ordinator ( or a nominated deputy ) for the exercise of care in the course of Group activities. This is particularly applicable to those risks described below, with those Groups whose activities generate identifiable risks having their own review.

The Committee is aware that Members are mature and responsible people and that the provisions of this statement are almost certainly being followed as a matter of routine. It therefore simply records the need for constant safety awareness and care by all its members and assumes their routine compliance in the context of mutual regard and insured risk.

Common hazards are:


Slips, trips and falls

Take care on steps, stairways and uneven floors.
Eliminate or cover trailing cables to electrical appliances such as projectors.


Fire precautions

Ensure awareness of Fire Safety and evacuation procedures at any premises used by your Group.


First Aid

Ensure availability and know the location of First Aid equipment.


Electric Shock

Do not use equipment with damaged insulation or which could overload the electrical system.


Manual Handling

Do not attempt to lift any heavy or bulky item without help.

In the event of there being an accident your Coordinator must advise the Chair.

12 November 2007

Last updated on 3 April, 2014
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