Anyone wishing to establish a new interest group is encouraged to do so! You should first approach the Management Committee of the Matlock Area U3A by emailing the Group's Secretary with an outline of the broad aims of the group, anticipated membership, meeting frequency, etc..

Once the establishment of a provisional group is agreed, it will be publicised on the web-site, with details of its proposed aims, provisional co-ordinator, and the time and place of any initial meeting. Time will also be made available at a Coffee Morning to help generate interest and attract members.

When the provisional group appears to have attracted enough members to be viable the co-ordinator should become a member of the Matlock Area U3A, if (s)he is not already, and provide the Management Committee with the full details of the group, including its initial membership, in order that the Management Committee has all the necessary details to allow full approval of the new group.

Full support will be given in the early planning and developmental stages.

Last updated on 20 March, 2019
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