New Groups?

We have the following suggestions for New Groups. Please contact the person below if you are interested.

Proposed New GroupPerson to ContactNotes
Fishing TripsMax Price
I am hoping to get half a dozen or so members who would be interested in going boat fishing and possibly beach-casting off the east coast and North Wales coast.

If we can get 5 or 6 members then we can hire a whole boat. A friend and I have been trying to get out on a boat and it’s difficult if you cannot fill one with a group.
Walking CricketRoger Bennett
Roger is currently liaising with the National U3A Advisor for Walking Cricket and would like to get a team going in this area. Please contact him if you are interested

Others suggestions to consider…..

  • Music Appreciation
  • Italian
  • Shorter walks (midweek)
  • Pilates or Yoga
  • Horseriding
  • Eukelele
  • TED talks