Our aim is to have meetings with a varied format, so as to provide something of interest to a wide range of members. These include:

Study the geology of Derbyshire and beyond through field trips and walks.

Visits to places of geological interest, including mines, quarries and museums.

Indoor meetings, to include topics such as mineral and fossil identification, structural geology, elementary stratigraphy and rock types.

Members examine a Pre-Cambrian outcrop in Charnwood Forest close to where fossils were found over 50 years ago.

Image courtesy of Peter Knowles

The experience of our members is varied; some have a wide range of knowledge and background in related industries, whilst others have geological knowledge ranging from beginners to those with extensive knowledge built up pursuing geology as a hobby. The only requirement to join our group is an interest in geology!

Meetings will generally, but not always, be held on the second Tuesday in the month, from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, at The Studio, Audley St Elphins, Darley Dale. Walks and visits will generally depart from Darley Dale (Whitworth Car Park) at 10.00am.

The group’s coordinator is Peter Hume who can be contacted by e-mail, by clicking on his name, or by telephone on 01629 823337.

Our programme for 2017 is:

10 January

View and discuss an episode of the BBC’s "Earth Story", followed by consideration of member’s geological samples and press cuttings.

14 February

Nottingham University walk postponed due to weather conditions - see below.

Small group met for illustrated talk about tunnelling and dam construction in Malaysia.  

14 March

“Time and Time Again” a talk by Gerry Slavin about the age of the earth from geology.

11 April

Dave Puxley will talk about Mount Vesuvius.

9 May

Gerry Slavin will lead a visit, originally planned for October 2016, to the Crich Inlier which has some entertaining features, including an exquisite (but inedible) Carboniferous seafood display. Plus a good pub for lunch.

13 June

No meeting of Geology Group in June as this is the date for MAU3A trip to Hull - UK City of Culture 2017

11 July

Dave Puxley will lead a walk – details to be advised.

8 August

Ray Essen will lead a walk on the Bonsall Miners’ Trail.

12 September

'Rock around the Campus’ - The University of Nottingham Geological Trail, through the University Park accompanied by Gerry Shaw who compiled the walk.

After a light lunch at one of the venues on the Campus, we could visit the Hemlock Stone, about two miles away. This 28’0 high inselberg monolith is formed of a layer of Nottingham Castle Sandstone overlying a layer of Lenton Sandstone.

10 October

Offers sought for a speaker to make a presentation on a geological topic at this meeting.

14 November

Gerry Slavin will give the second part of his talk “Time and Time Again” which he started at our March meeting.

12 December

Christmas Lunch meeting.

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