With our membership of over 650 members continuing to increase and around 55 interest groups your U3A is pretty much a self-propelling organisation.

However, we still require a Management Committee, not least because we are a Charity which brings with it legal responsibilities. We have 12 Trustees who join the Committee for a period of three years and we have four members, Judith Hodges, Diane Frosdick, Mike Frosdick and Barbara Phelan who are to retire this year.

What does being a Trustee mean in practice?

We meet four times a year as a Management Committee to discuss and agree matters to do with finance, membership, communications, group activities etc. Meetings are efficient and last no more than two hours. There are several post holders who carry out work for MAU3A throughout the year e.g. Chair, Membership Secretary, Website Manager, Treasurer etc. All Trustees take responsibility for some aspects of running the organisation.

This year, we need to elect four new members at the AGM on March 19th to fulfil he following roles:


Groups Secretary

Ordinary Members

Please click here to find out more about what these roles entail.

If you are interested in joining the Committee you are not necessarily volunteering to do one of these tasks.

Please have a chat with your Chair Barbara Phelan about what becoming a Trustee member of the Management committee entails. Barbara can be contacted by email by clicking on her name or by telephone on 07980 691892 and at any of the Coffee mornings. Most Committee members also attend the Coffee Mornings and will be pleased to answer any questions.

If you would like to apply to become a Trustee, please download and complete the Nomination form found here and get it to the Secretary Helen Boocock either in person at a Coffee Morning or at the address on the form.


Last updated on 28 January, 2018
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